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Study Patterns

The WMS postgraduate framework is based on the Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS). A module is typically worth 2O CATS points and you can build up modules to obtain a:

  • Postgraduate Award (20 or 40 CATS)
  • Postgraduate Certificate (60 CATS)
  • Postgraduate Diploma (120 CATS)
  • Masters Degree (180 CATS)

You can start with an individual module (Postgraduate Award) and then build up towards higher qualifications if you wish to.

A 20 CATS module is equivalent to 200 hours of learning, of which typically 30 hours will be the taught component and you will be expected to undertake 170 hours of private self-directed study, which will include the completion and submission of the module assessed work. You will be expected to have made provison in your working and home life to be able to meet this requirement.

Periods of Registration

Full-time study is for one year. For part-time study, the normal periods of registration are as follows:

Postgraduate Award 1 year
Postgraduate Certificate 1 year
Postgraduate Diploma 2 years
Masters Degree 3 years