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MSc Orthodontics IT Skills Self Assessment

Many of the resources that you will need throughout your course are available on-line and you will be provided with access to these, you will therefore require an appropriate level of IT competency and resources:

  • you will receive communications electronically,
  • to assist you with your reading/research for assignments you will need to access our library and the books and journals offered,
  • assignments need to be produced electronically and submitted on-line.

Therefore IT skills are very important and the University offers a range of on-line tutorials and guidance for those who would benefit from additional input.

We hope that you appreciate the importance of providing us with this information and look forward to receiving your completed form no later than 1st September 2015. Please complete the following boxes:

At which level would you assess your skills/knowledge/experience in the following aspects of IT
1 None 2 Poor 3 Average 4 Good 5 Excellent
Using a computer to produce a word document
Using a computer to produce a table
Converting a document to a pdf file
Using email
Adding an attachment to an email
Using the Internet
Searching for information on the Internet
Navigating a website
* indicates a required field
Privacy statement
This data on this form will be used solely to record the information you have supplied. We will store the records, but we will not use the data for any other purpose.
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