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Student profile: Niky

IBR student Niky tells us what she most enjoys about the course.


Why did you choose the MSc in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research?

I chose to pursue an MSc in IBR because of its interdisciplinary nature, allowing me to integrate two different scientific disciplines and select two distinct projects. I believe that combining diverse scientific topics enhances one’s skill set and offers the opportunity to delve into various areas, such as programming, coding, physics and even chemistry, thereby making the course more engaging. Given my background in biochemistry during my undergraduate studies, I didn't have much exposure to chemistry since my coursework primarily focused on biology. Therefore, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of selecting a chemistry-based project, which enabled me to acquire a range of laboratory skills and witness first-hand how chemistry can be applied in biomedicine for therapy and treatment.

What have you particularly enjoyed on the course and what have been your favourite modules?  

One of the aspects I have particularly enjoyed is the fact that it is a small cohort so we can socialise with postgraduates from different academic backgrounds. This close-knit community has allowed us to form strong bonds throughout the year. It has proven to be an excellent platform for networking and learning from fellow postgraduates' projects as well as from various supervisors.

Among the modules offered, my favourites by far have been "Physical Biology of the Cell" and "Microscopy and Imaging". I believe that the MSc year holds significant importance in terms of acquiring a diverse skill set that extends beyond the laboratory and encompasses computational skills. Moreover, it provides invaluable guidance in selecting a suitable and tailored PhD project, offering clarity on the research path for the next three years. This stands in contrast to other PhD programs that are more rigid and provide limited student input.

Overall, it has been an exceptional opportunity to collaborate with others and acquire a variety of transferable skills. I must also highlight the invaluable support provided by the DTP team, who have consistently made me feel comfortable and supported throughout my time at Warwick. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking flexibility and the chance to shape their own PhD project. It's the best way to connect with peers and gain insights into their research.