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Masters in Public Health Research

Masters in Public Health Research

Warwick Medical School is looking to review its current Masters in Public Health to ensure that it offers modules that cover the most up to date and important areas facing public health professionals, medical students and doctors. As students that have undertaken the MPH we would be interested in your views on how it may be improved going forward.
Current Course Content

As you know currently all Masters in Public Health students complete five core modules along with either a professional project or dissertation. Those undertaking the professional project option choose two optional modules and those taking the dissertation route will only take one.
Current Core Modules

• Epidemiology and Statistics
• Practice of Public Health
• Social Determinants of Health
• Understanding Research and Critical Appraisal in Health Care
• Issues in Public Health

Currently the Masters in Public Health is taught in a one week intensive study block (30 hours) with 120 – 150 hours of self-directed study time.
One of the suggestions for the new look Masters is to include modules or even a full Masters in Global Public Health so that areas of international health are properly covered.
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