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Ratidzo Chinyuku

Ratidzo Chinyuku completed her Master's in Public Health at Warwick in 2020. We caught up with her to find out what she thought of the course and her advice for applicants.

Why did you decide to study Public Health?

I decided to study Public Health following my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science. I felt that the MPH was key pursuant to career in international health policy and focus on rebuilding healthcare systems in fragile states.

What made you choose the University of Warwick?

I chose the University of Warwick due to its preceding reputation for academic excellence. The course structure (teaching blocks of one week each) also suited my learning style and I found this to be time saving, economically sound and an efficient approach to learning.

What has been your favourite part of the course? Did you have any favourite modules?

The staff were really helpful in pre-emptying any challenges. I had great support from all members of department and also from the faculty of medicine. My academic supervisor was amazing and promptly addressed any concerns raised!

My favourite module was Epidemiology and Statistics. For me, this was the hardest module. The module provided an understanding of both epidemiological and statistical concepts and this grounded my understanding of research in public health. I was able to apply this knowledge to critically appraise research. Furthermore, as part of the course, we were trained on how to use specialist statistical software packages such as SPSS. It was exciting to learn a new skill and I developed an appreciation of how data is analysed in the wider context.

What skills do you think you’ve developed during the course?

As a direct result of this course, I developed skills in SPSS, STATA, project management, data analysis, data interpretation, data manipulation, negotiation, presentation skills, critical appraisal skills, systematic reviews, briefing reports, research and evidence-based research.

How do you think the MPH will benefit you in your career moving forwards?

The MPH benefited me in securing a position with local government for the position of Public Health Practitioner. The course director (Wendy Robertson) and senior careers consultant (Charlie Cunningham) were really supportive with job applications and interview preparation.  Furthermore, the structure of the assignments in modules such as Health Improvement and Management for Public Health were very helpful in understanding public health functions and expectations in the working environment.  

What advice would you give to someone considering studying Public Health at Warwick?

Plan your time really well and you’ll be able to balance uni and other life commitments. Spend some time carefully thinking about your optional modules. Talk to your peers and gain the most out of networking with them. There’s a microwave in the medical campus lounge for students - don’t wait till end of term to find out!