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Clinical Research (MSc)

Want to make an impact on the world? You can change lives with a career in clinical research and meaningfully improve patient care and health outcomes.

Clinical research is vital to enhancing health, lengthening life, and reducing the burdens of illness and disability. For instance, through clinical research we gain insights and answers about the safety and effectiveness of drugs and other therapies. Make a real difference and pursue a career in Clinical Research.

This Masters in Clinical Research is a multi-disciplinary programme aimed at providing you with the requisite academic knowledge to conduct research within your professional scope of practice in pharmaceutical, medical device, clinical or the academic sector. The programme covers clinical research design and methodologies, management of data, ethics, leadership, and is closely aligned to industry needs by focussing on the design and management of clinical trials.

This programme welcomes students from varied professional backgrounds from across the world, including physicians, nurses, dentists, professionals in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, academicians and those who plan to conduct clinical trials.

The course offers state-of-the-art education that can be accessed anytime, anywhere and provide you with a leading edge understanding of Clinical Research.

What is i-heed?

iheed is a medical education technology organisation built by doctors and healthcare professionals for doctors and healthcare professionals. iheed’s mission is to see better healthcare outcomes achieved globally by working in partnership with leading medical universities, postgraduate training bodies, and other global healthcare leaders. iheed has a strong social mission to make the best postgraduate medical education accessible through the power of modern learning methodologies and digital technologies.

Why study the iheed and University of Warwick Masters in Clinical Research Masters/ Postgraduate Diploma / Postgraduate Certificate?

  • Obtain a recognised Postgraduate qualification from a top 10 UK university
  • Secure local CME accreditation
  • Demonstrate knowledge of trial design, delivery and assessment
  • Explore theoretical and practical issues in the design and implementation of clinical trials
  • Develop skills in handling and presenting clinical trial data
  • Critically evaluate key aspects of how clinical trials are reviewed and reported

Course content

Postgraduate Certificate (Semester 1)

Module 1

 Understanding Evidence in Practice – Semester 1 PG Cert (20 CATS)

  • Introduction to evidence-based medicine.
  • Exploration of study design in clinical and medical research.
  • Designing research questions using accepted frameworks.
  • Refining research questions through appraisal of literature.
  • Assessing strengths / weaknesses and biases of study designs.
  • Ethical and regulatory frameworks of clinical research.


Module 2

 Clinical Research Design – Semester 1 PgCert (20 CATS)

  • Application of evidence-based medicine.
  • Consideration of research methodologies and study designs (quantitative, qualitative, and mixed
  • methods).
  • Bias in research and its link to the internal and external validity standards.
  • Understanding reporting guidelines for common study designs.
  • Management of participants in research.
  • Understanding evaluation and regulation of therapeutic agents in clinical trials.
  • Data collection and data management.
  • Selection of analysis techniques.
  • Qualitative data analysis.
  • Quantitative data analysis.
  • Describing and summarising data.
  • Interpretation of data.


Module 3

Clinical Research Analysis - Semester 1 PgCert (20 CATS)

  • Data collection and data management.
  • Selection of analysis techniques.
  • Qualitative data analysis.
  • Quantitative data analysis.
  • Describing and summarising data.
  • Interpretation of data.


Postgraduate Diploma (Semester 2)

 Module 4

 Leadership in Clinical Research – Semester 2 PG Diploma (20 CATS) 

  • Effective leadership in a clinical research setting
  • Organisational structures in clinical research
  • Organisation behaviour and organisation culture.
  • Mentorship in clinical research
  • Change management in research projects
  • Ethical issues in clinical leadership


Module 5

 Design of Clinical Trials – Semester 2 PG Diploma (20 CATS)

  • Clinical Trials: Introduction and ethics in clinical trials
  • Clinical Trials: Phases, contexts and ethics
  • Study protocols
  • Study populations and cohorts
  • Clinical Trial Design: Phase I-IV designs
  • Treatment allocations


Module 6

Management of Person-Centred Research – Semester 2 PG Diploma (20 CATS) 

  • Ethics, privacy and safety in clinical trials
  • Clinical Trial management and conduct
  • Measurement of clinical trials and data capture
  • Data monitoring and analysis
  • Reporting of Results
  • Regulatory issues in clinical trials


Masters (Semester 3)

Professional Project in Clinical Research – Semester 3 M.Sc. (60 CATS)

The “Professional Project in Clinical Research” is a 60 CATS module that will enable students to identify,

understand, appraise and plan research related to clinical research. The module will cover the skills needed to identify, appraise and synthesise research evidence and develop an understanding of the implications of research for in a clinical setting. Working independently, and under limited supervision, students will then take responsibility for the direction and management of a project through to completion and submission.

The module addresses the following areas:

  • Literature searching
  • Formulating a research question
  • Study design
  • Writing a research protocol
  • Presenting a research protocol


Key Facts


Level - Postgraduate

Study mode: Part-time


MSc (180 CATS):

  • PgCert 6 months
  • PgDip 12 months
  • Masters 24 months

Qualifications: MSc/PGDip/PGCert

Location of Study: University of Warwick

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Sponsorships, scholarships and flexible payment options are available. Please speak with one of the iheed education advisors for more information.