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Applying for postgraduate modules

SFPs will be funded to undertake up to 3 modules (60 CATS) during their SFP post. Modules should be selected from any of our 3 main MSc programmes and may result in a PGCert if selected modules align to a specific course as indicated on the course pages. Modules can be taken at any time over the two-year SFP period:

Masters in Health ResearchLink opens in a new window

Masters in Public HealthLink opens in a new window

Both of these are managed by

Masters in Medical EducationLink opens in a new window is managed by

Even if you wish to complete the modules in your second year you should apply during your first year to ensure you can complete the modules within the SFP timeframe. International SFPs will be provided with a university bursary to cover additional international MSc costs.

SFP1 trainees should plan taster weeks within their academic block (second year). This will enable them to potentially borrow that time in year 1 to complete a module.

In the second year, when on a rotation where they are supernumerary trainees can request support (to be excused) to attend a module. In the second year, where a module happens to align with the academic block they should be excused to attend a module.

How to apply

You will need to apply online and pay for registration fees. With regards to the funding section within the online application, the SFP should state the source of funding as ‘Sponsor’, percentage of funding from this source state ‘100%’, name of sponsor ‘WMS SFP’. Once the SFP has accepted their place, the Portfolio team will then follow up the ‘sponsor’ information. You will be asked to complete the ‘Financial arrangements for Postgraduate Students’ form by the Portfolio Team, and at that point must indicate that WMS is your sponsor (and will cover the fees). International SFPs will be provided with a university bursary to cover additional international costs.


For a trial period of a year, iheed will make one place available to an SFP free of charge in each cohort of the PG Certificate in Medical Education. The cohorts start in January, May and October each year (the course starts towards the end of the month). The PG Certificate is 3 Modules and takes around 6 months.

We will shortly be sending an email seeking expressions of interest in the October and January cohorts, providing a deadline for responses. The expressions of interest statements will be reviewed by the IAT leads and decision made to select an individual for each of the two cohorts. The Warwick PG Cert options outlined above will still be available to those who were unsuccessful.