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Academic Clinical Fellow Testimonials

James Masters, former Warwick ACF, Trauma and Orthopaedics

I was an orthopaedic trainee with an interest in surgical site infection (SSI). Initially I had looked at what could be learnt from the use of novel genomic techniques in the pathogenesis of SSI. Latterly I looked to set up a trial comparing the effect of incisional negative pressure wound therapy on rates of infection in the hip fracture cohort.

Tim Robbins, former Warwick ACF, Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus

My research interests focus around the Health Informatics and Healthcare Processes associated with chronic disease management, in particular Endocrine/Metabolic disorders. My work has contributed to the Royal College of Physicians Future Hospitals Commission Report and NHS England's Winter Planning. I work across Warwick Medical School and the Institute of Digital Healthcare at Warwick University. I have additional interests in the interplay between postgraduate clinical training and patient care, with projects considering the safe changeover of trainees, improved consent training, and facilitating medical leadership and management.

Ben Perry, former Warwick ACF, Psychiatry

My research interests lie primarily in the constantly blurring boundary between physical health conditions and psychiatry. This has led to me completing work on the link between diabetes and schizophrenia with regards to inflammation and neuroinflammation; diabetes, depression and ethnicity - again via inflammation and neuroinflammation, and some work on biomarkers in bipolar affective disorder. I also have an interest in the impacts of the Mental Health Act, and have been involved two studies - one quantitative and one qualitative on this topic so far. 


Maria Lange, ACF, Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus

I am an ACF in Endocrinology & Diabetes. My interest for this specialty was sparked at Glasgow University where inspiring endocrinologists opened my eyes to the world of research and my wish to pursue this further has led me to Warwick University (Health Research MSc).

I am fascinated by the complexity of obesity and endeavour to acquire a holistic understanding of its many facets. I am involved in several projects allowing me to expand my skills in both clinical and basic science research. The multi-disciplinary projects range from understanding the impact of mindfulness training on sustained weight loss to analysing AMY1 gene copy number variance and its relationship with glucose metabolism.

Adam Boulton, ACF, Intensive Care Medicine

I am an ACF in Intensive Care Medicine and my research interests lie in critical care and perioperative medicine. The ACF programme has allowed me to undertake a multi-centre study examining moral distress on the ICU, funded by the National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia and supported by the NIHR Clinical Research Network portfolio. The project will characterise moral distress for the first time in UK ICUs and inform future work to combat its deleterious effects. Additionally, I am designing a project to better identify the absolute and relative postoperative blood pressure range associated with optimal patient outcomes. ‚Äč

Mohamed Alanie

Muhamed Alanie, ACF, Trauma and Orthopaedics

I am an Academic Clinical Fellow in Trauma and Orthopaedics. I undertake research on various Orthopaedic topics, however my specific interests relate to trauma, hip and knee surgery and prosthetic joint infection. I have recently completed a Masters degree which has provided me with a strong foundation to carry out further research in the future. I also enjoy teaching which I find very rewarding, and I am currently working towards a qualification in Medical Education at the University of Warwick.

Katherine Hewitt, ACF, Histopathology

I am a histopathology ACF conducting research into digital pathology (DP) where artificial intelligence is applied to histopathology images. The advent of scanners that convert histopathology slides into digital images has allowed pathologists to move away from the microscope for the first time. Furthermore, digitalisation has opened the door for computer analysis of histology images, with the goal of developing computer programmes that aid the diagnostic process.

DP is an engaging field as histopathology and computer science are both complex topics. I work in collaboration with the Tissue Image Analytics lab and mutual education on our respective specialties has been a huge part of the research process, which is great as I enjoy teaching and learning. I am shortly departing for a research placement in Germany focussing on the computer science side of DP, which I hope will become my PhD.