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2017 Students

Matthew Powell



Matthew has joined the lab of Munehiro Asally in the School of Life Sciences to study the molecular mechanism of bacterial cell memory. Matthew is currently reading physics (MPhys) at the University of Warwick.

Monica Kumar


Monica joined us from the Department of Chemistry where she is studying for an MChem. Monica is working in the lab of Andrew McAinsh on a project probing conformational switches in the Kif15 motor protein. UPDATE: After graduating Monica has progressed to a Ph.D. on the MAS-CDT at Warwick University!

Emma Southall


Emma is undertaking her summer project in the lab of Irene Stephanini. Her project is aimed at exploiting brewer's yeast as a potential model for fungal pathogens. She joined us from the Mathematics Department where she recently completed her undergraduate studies. UPDATE: After graduating Emma started to a Ph.D. in Epidemiology in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Warwick!

Ramsey Lawrence


Ramsey is currently an undergraduate reading physics and mathematics at the University of Warwick. He is undertaking a summer project in the lab of Masanori Mishima within the Centre for Mechanochemical Biology. His project looks at the in vivo dynamics of the central spindle in the microscopic worm C. elegans.

Rebecca Myers


Rebecca joined us from the Department of Mathematics. She is working in the labs of Andre Pires da Silva (Life Sciences) and Vasily Kanstler (Physics) on a collaborative project studying memory and ageing in worms.