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Jess Szeto

I am an MRC DTP in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research iCASE student.

I completed my 4-year Bachelor degree in Pharmacology at the University of Bath in 2018. During my undergraduate study, I developed my interest in neuroscience as central nervous system pharmacology was my favourite module in my final year. I also had the chance to spend my placement year working for AstraZeneca in Gothenburg, Sweden, where I developed various laboratory skills like western blotting, cell culture, immunocytochemistry and tissue engineering. I thoroughly enjoyed my placement year, and I realised that I wanted to pursue a career in medical research. Hence, I applied to the MRC DTP IBR programme.

So far, the masters year has been challenging. I have learned different techniques like programming, statistics and chemistry, which I have not experienced during my undergraduate degree. It has also been exciting as I have the opportunity to know more about the biomedical research that has been carried out in the University of Warwick.

After my MSc year, I will be undertaking my iCASE PhD project with Professor Nick Dale and Dr Chris Imray. For my project, I will be facilitating the development of point-of-care diagnostic biosensors for traumatic brain injury. I am looking forward to starting my PhD project as I will be able to work with the industrial partner, Sarissa Biomedical Ltd, and the University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire.

Overview of Jess' MSc year

Term 1  
Taught modules

MD997 Frontier Techniques and Research Skills in Biomedicine

CH921 Frontier Techniques in Analytical Science

CH922 Microscopy and Imaging

CH923 Statistics for Data Analysis

LF903 Quantitative Skills for System Biology

Term 2  
Taught modules

MD978 Research Topics in Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research

MD991 Physical Biology of the Cell

CH926 Molecular Modelling

Across the year CH948 Warwick Interdisciplinary Transferable Skills
Term 3 and Summer vactation Jess is currently choosing two twelve-week lab projects