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Professor Nicholas Dale

Job Title
Ted Pridgeon Prof in Neuroscience
Life Sciences
024 7652 3729
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Research Interests

The overall theme of our group is how neurons communicate with each other to achieve the desired neural function. Our work splits into two major areas: Neurophysiology and Technology development.

Neurophysiological studies

Our interests presently concentrate around the investigation of chemical signalling in the brain. One common theme is purinergic signalling by ATP and adenosine and its roles in several different functional contexts such as: centrally mediated chemosensitive reflexes involved in the control of breathing and arousal; signalling by hypothalamic tanycytes in the context of the control of body weight and food intake; homeostatic control of sleep; endogenous neuroprotective mechanisms in the brain; and during early development. We use a combination of electrophysiological, imaging and biosensing methods to study these problems.

Technology development

We have an active program to provide novel analytical tools for neuroscience research. In particular we are developing microelectrode biosensors specific for a number of transmitters to enable better exploration of chemical signalling in the nervous system. We have concentrated on microelectrode biosensors for the purines and have formed the Warwick Biosensors Group to further this aim. We are also developing biosensors for other analytes (such as glutamate, lactate, D-serine, acetylcholine) and have developed a range of highly selective biosensors for clinical diagnostic purposes. This latter work is linked to a spin out company Sarissa Biomedical Ltd specifically devoted to the commercialization of our biosensors and the development of diagnostic tools.


BA, Zoology, 1981 Cambridge University

PhD, Neuroscience, 1984, Bristol University

CTO & Director Sarissa Biomedical Ltd

Scientific Advisory Board of the British Neuroscience Association

Associate Editor, Purinergic Signalling

Member of the Society for Neuroscience

Member of the British Neuroscience Association

Title Funder Award start Award end
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Imaging neural activity in freely behaving rodents at the single cell level MRC 01 Mar 2016 31 Aug 2017
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Wellcome Trust Vacation Scholarship 2014 - Louise Boeckmans Wellcome Trust 14 Jul 2014 30 Nov 2014
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