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Biomedical Research Summer Internships for British Black UG Students (BRIBBS).

The under-representation of black academics is a pressing issue in UK higher education. To encourage British Black undergraduate (UG) students to consider biomedical research as a career and future application to the MRC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) at Warwick, we are offering two 10-week internships in world-class biomedical research laboratories on the Gibbet Hill campus over summer 2024.

Students will be trained in cutting edge laboratory techniques and train alongside Masters students in science communication by Podcast. Students will join MRC DTP students for careers speaker events, chalk talks and networking events and learn what it is like to be part of our Doctoral Training program.

Dates: Friday July 5th – Friday September 13th.

Funding: Interns will receive £370 / week made payable directly to the student.

Eligibility: Applicants should be a Home student (UK resident) who is currently undertaking an undergraduate degree in Biology, Biochemistry or Biomedical Science and is from one of the following ethnic backgrounds:

  • Black – African
  • Black - Caribbean
  • Black - Other
  • Mixed - White/Black Caribbean
  • Mixed - White/Black African
  • Other - Any Other Black Backgrounds

To apply: Send your CV with a cover letter indicating your interests and career ambitions to by May 18th.


The following laboratory projects are on offer for Summer 2024:

Mohan Balasubramanian

“Forcing the issue: understanding the mechanism of cell division:”

Steve Royle

“Keeping in touch: Investigating membrane-membrane contact sites in human cells”

Andrew Bowman

“Designer drugs: Investigating the effect of asukamycin, an antibiotic and anticancer agent, on histone ubiquitination”

Karuna Sampath

“Born and bred: Rock-ing embryonic and extra-embryonic development”

Robert DallmannLink opens in a new window

“Clocking Cancer: Circadian disruption impacts tumour development”

Johannes Boltze

“Nerve-wracking science: Next generation neuro-protection” (only available Monday 12th August - Friday 13th September)