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Professor Johannes Boltze

Job Title
Life Sciences
(0)24765 75878
Research Interests

Neurovascular disorders such as stroke and vascular dementia are among the most relevant medical conditions in Western societies. They also represent major reasons of death and are among the leading causes of functional and cognitive decline in adulthood. Despite intensive research throughout the past decades, treatment options for neurovascular disorders are scarce. This sharply contrasts the tremendous burden they inflict to patients, their relatives, medical care providers, and the entire society.

Neurovascular diseases are strongly associated with prelavent comorbidities such as hypertension or elevated blood fats. Our group is interested in how these comorbidities contribute to pathophysiological sequelae of neurovascular disorders such as neuroinflammation, and how they may affect the impact of experimental therapeutics. We are specialised in translational research strategies and aim to apply experimental settings closely mimicking the situation of human patients as well as potential clinical scenarios. This is important to thoroughly assess the "real world relevance" of basic research findings and to efficiently strengthen and refine future treatment strategies for neurovascular disorders.

The ultimate aim of our research is to contribute to a better understanding of the complex pathophysiology of neurovascular disorders and to use this knowledge to increase the therapeutic efficiency of novel treatments.

  1. PhD (Dr. rer. nat.) University of Leipzig

  2. Dr. med. University of Leipzig

2016-present. Member, American Society for Neural Therapy and Repair

2011-present. Member, Faculty of 1000, Cerebrovascular Disease Section

2006-present. Member, Society for Neuroscience

2006-present. Member, Society for Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism

2011-2016. Member, Fraunhofer Vintage Class
2009-2011. Faculty of 1000, Associate Member to Dr. Moskowitz, Cerebrovascular Disease Section

Editorial commitments:

2017-present. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and metabolism - editorial board member

2015-present. Metabolic Brain Disease - deputy chief editor

2015-present. Cell Transplantation - section editor, neuroscience and tissue engineering

2015-present. Stroke - editorial board member

2014-present. Translational Stroke Research - editorial board member

2014-present. Acta neurobiologicae experimentalis - editorial board member

2014-present. PLoS One - academic editor

Title Funder Award start Award end
Repurposing existing compounds for the hyperacute treatment of ischemic stroke Stroke Association 01 Jun 2021 31 May 2024
Intermittent fasting mediated metabolic reprogramming reshapes the T cell immunity and preserves white matter integrity after stroke Academy of Medical Sciences Newton Advanced Fellowship for Peiying Li Academy of Medical Sciences 31 Mar 2020 30 Sep 2023
Systematic investigation of interactions between neural stem cells and commonly applied drugs by using a highly standardised in vitro test system ? towards tailored approaches in regenerative medicine Medical and Life Sciences Research Fund 01 Sep 2020 31 Aug 2021

Research Themes

Biomedical Sciences