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Andrew Miltiadou


Name:   Andrew Miltiadou

Year of study:  Third year 

Why did you pick MSci Integrated Natural Sciences?

I was trying to find a course which was different to any other course – I didn’t want to do the same Bio Science or Bio Med or anything like that. I think the main factor was the fact that there is a smaller cohort and focused time in the labs. First year in particular is so much different to other biology courses out there. I looked at the top 10 universities that had courses that focused on lab work. I was also very interested in studying at Masters level rather than Batchelors. I was also wanted to study at a campus university.

What is your favourite thing about the course?

I like the independence we get the more we work in labs. You can see the advantage that the first year of intense lab work brings as you move through the years and start to work with students on other courses who haven’t had such a concentrated lab experience.

The course is also challenging. We joined during Covid times so I hadn’t completed my maths A level but was able to get extra support on course which has helped. The work load is high but also it is really fun.

As the years progress, they treat you less as a student and more as a researcher; they give you more time to do independent projects. At the moment I’ve got my own project I’m doing – I get to work with post docs and PhD students – it’s a good insight into what like could be like as a postgraduate researcher.

Do you manage to do other extra curricula activities?

Yes, sometimes it is a challenge to fit in activities with my timetable but I play dodgeball, do athletics and I am also a member of Biosoc which is the Biology Society and also the Integrated Natural Sciences society where I am the treasurer and get involved with organising events. Guest lecturers come to speak to us.

What three words would you use to describe the course?

Rewarding, challenging and fun.

Do you know what you would like to do upon completion of the course?

At the moment I’m looking to do a PhD – I think that’s what I’m more focused towards at the end. Going into research would be good.

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