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Integrated Science Extended Research Project

This module aims to enable students to perform original high-quality research at the forefront of a field and be exposed to a cutting-edge research environment. it aims to develop students’ ability to produce and communicate a substantial, independent piece of work drawing on skills from at least two disciplines.

After completing the module, students will be able to:

  • Independently formulate a scientific hypothesis and demonstrate advanced skills in designing, planning and executing experiments to test the hypothesis.
  • Integrate methods and thinking from different disciplines as applied to their project work.
  • Produce and communicate an extended critical appraisal of the current scientific literature to evaluate the limitations of research evidence.
  • Demonstrate advanced skills in data interpretation and critical appraisal to relate results to the scientific literature.
  • Write in the format of an academic article for an appropriate scientific journal and present work orally in the format of a seminar-style presentation

Course leader
Andrew McAinsh



24 weeks (96 hours of supervised time in studio/ workshop; 24 hours of project supervision; 3 hours of seminars and c. 704 hours of self-dorected study and laboratory research)

Teaching methods

Self-directed study and laboratory research; project supervision; supervised time in studio/workshop; seminars


  • Structured dissertation of 12,000 words
  • 15-minute research seminar-style presentation