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Research Opportunities

In the curriculum...


Students may select the taught module ‘Introduction to Research’, which is one of the options for SSC 1 in the beginning of year 2 of the MB ChB course. In this module students gain key knowledge and skills in research related to health and health care. They have the opportunity to use these skills by developing a research protocol, which may be used for the SSC 2 project or other publishable activity.


SSC 2 is an 8-week block in the beginning of year 3 of the MB ChB course. In this block all students undertake a project (research, audit or service evaluation) supervised by academic or clinical staff. Students have the opportunity to select a project from the list of menu-based projects. Alternatively they may develop their own project. In addition students attend a series of lectures, seminars and workshops supporting the development of research and enquiry skills.


Students who wish to gain further experience in research may conduct another project by arranging an elective placement with a particular focus on research.


Summer Studentships
First year students may apply for a ‘summer studentship’ to fund their living costs while undertaking a research project over the summer between first and second year. This may either be based at WMS, or at our partner university in Geneva. Students are encouraged to undertake a project which has a local impact, possibly focusing on a health problem particularly affecting the West Midlands.

Critical Appraisal and Research Design (CARD) Course
Run by the student led Warwick Academic Medicine Society, this is an weekly research skills course run across a number of months. Sessions cover topics such as study design, basic statistics, and how to write a paper equipping students with the skills to pursue their individual research interests.

INSPIRE National Graduate Entry Research Medicine (GERM) Conference
Run in collaboration with other graduate entry medical schools nationally, the annual GERM Conference gives students the opportunity to present their research to a wider audience. Further details can be found here.