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Hannah Maxfield

HannahYear: Third (At time of interview: January 2018)
Hometown: Canterbury
Education: BA History, University of Southampton


What work experience had you gained before coming here?

I worked as a health care assistant in a hospice for two years, which was a fantastic experience. I learnt a lot about disease and how it affects people, health care, and how to communicate with patients and relatives. I also gained a few days' work experience observing in the A&E department of a major trauma centre and a GP practice - it was really interesting to compare the two health care settings and gave me a lot to talk about in my application.

Why did you choose Warwick?

I was really attracted to the all graduate programme. I wanted to be in a large cohort with other graduates.

How are you finding the MB ChB so far?

I'm really enjoying the course - especially the clinical aspects. It's really nice to be able to apply what we have learnt in lectures on placement. All the consultants and GPs I have been under have been really friendly and helpful.

How have you found the transition from an arts degree to medicine?

First year was challenging because there was so much information to take on board, but I think that this is something that was common amongst students from a science and non-science background. I found first year very intense - but definitely do-able. And after getting through the hurdle of first year, I very much felt I was on an even playing field with everyone else.

What do you most enjoy about the course?

I enjoy being on placement the most. I like seeing things we have learnt about and I find I remember information much better if I have seen it in the clinical environment.

Have you been involved in any extracurricular activities during your time here?

I play in the Medics Ladies Football Club. I’d never played before coming to Warwick and never expected to enjoy it but it’s so much fun!

Do you have any ideas at this stage as to what you’d like to specialise in in the future?

Not yet! I've enjoyed everything I have tried so far - so I'm just keeping an open mind at the moment!

Do you have any advice for people applying?

If you're thinking about it - go for it! Try to get as much work experience as you can or experience in a caring role as it will give you a lot to talk about in your application and will also be helpful on the course.