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Jessica Hughes

Third (at time of interview: July 2020)

Hometown: Leeds

Education: Biomedical Sciences (Human Biology) – Leeds Beckett University

What work experience had you gained before coming here?

I really tried to meet all of the requirements for work experience before applying to Warwick and so managed to do quite a lot. I worked in a hospital as a domestic for around two and a half years during my first undergraduate degree and worked as a home carer for around three months following this. I had some work experience in a residential home and managed to gain experience one day a week for six months in a GP surgery. I also worked as a healthcare assistant for six months just before starting at Warwick, which I still do part time in one of the local hospitals.

Why did you choose Warwick?

I liked that Warwick Medical School was for graduates only. I had taken two years out before coming to Warwick and so liked the idea of other students being around my age. I hadn’t been to the university before and so didn’t know what to expect but I was really impressed with the campus and really liked the medical school. Also, everyone had so many great things to say about WMS at the open day.

How are you finding the MB ChB so far? How have your clinical placements been?

There is no doubt that the course is challenging. I don’t think anyone who ever applies to do medicine expects it to be easy, and because the course is over four years instead of five, it is quite intense. For me though, I like the way the course is set up. You learn so much in such a short period of time and get to start clinical placements in second year which I much preferred to the mainly lecture based teaching we had received up until then. Clinical placements for me are the best, particularly the SCP placements in Phase III as you really get to apply everything you’ve learned so far to real life situations.

What do you most enjoy about the course?

Again, the clinical placements are the most enjoyable aspect for me. I feel I learn much more by doing, and getting this hands on experience really feels like you’re learning on the job. I also like that at WMS, we have clinical partners who we are with for all clinical placements. Having someone with you during placement can be great for getting feedback, learning from each other and sometimes just for a little moral support!

Have you been involved in any extracurricular activities during your time here?

Yes, I have been a member of the Surgical society, I am an events coordinator and have done teaching for the Neurosciences society. I am the medical school representative for Marrow for which we organise a WMS version of Take me Out every year to raise money for the charity. I am also involved in WMS ladies football team.

Do you have any idea at this stage about which specialty you’d like to pursue?

When I started at Warwick I didn’t have much of an idea of what specialty I wanted to pursue, however now I’m pretty keen to go into surgery although I’m keeping an open mind about which particular specialty. I have also always really enjoyed acute medicine, and during my acute specialist clinical placement, I’ve realised this is something I am definitely interested in.

Do you have any advice for people applying to the MB ChB at Warwick?

I think medicine is not something that anyone should go into light heartedly and it should be something you’re sure you want to do before you pursue it. However if you know this is the career for you, don’t be deterred by the challenge! I honestly never thought I would get a place studying medicine and definitely not graduate entry medicine. I’m now in my final year looking forward to start as an FY1 next summer and am so glad I didn’t give up on it as there is nothing I would rather be doing. Also, don’t be intimidated by the other applicants you meet, I guarantee they are just as terrified as you!

Finally, what three words would you use to describe your experience studying at Medical School so far?

Challenging, interesting, rewarding