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Rebecca Hui

Third (at time of interview: July 2020)

Hometown: Highams Park, London

Education: Master of Pharmacy at University College London (UCL)

What work experience had you gained before coming here?

I was very fortunate that my previous degree in Pharmacy provided me a lot of clinical opportunities in hospital and in the community. This allowed me to get a real feel of working in a multidisciplinary team and understand the importance of all the members. Other work experience I completed includes volunteering at a care home for patients with dementia, teaching primary school children about healthy living and also working in community pharmacies.

Why did you choose Warwick?

Warwick takes in a large cohort every year, so you get the chance to meet and work with so many like-minded students. The medical course is brilliant at Warwick and very well structured. We are provided with so many opportunities throughout the degree (e.g. studying abroad, joining societies and participating in research) and we are always encouraged to take up our interests. The area of Warwick/Coventry also has a great transport system to all the major cities in the UK too, so it makes visiting family and friends much easier when you find that you need a break.

How are you finding the MB ChB so far? How have your clinical placements been?

I have really enjoyed the course so far despite the initial worry of starting university again as a graduate student. I still remember my first week of lectures in year 1 and finding it overwhelming; but the years have flown by and I have made some incredible lifelong friends! Clinical placements have been increasingly enjoyable (especially as your knowledge grows). I really enjoyed my Child’s Health placement at University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire, in particular, the children’s emergency department which proved to be exciting and fast-paced!

What do you most enjoy about the course?

Being able to constantly meet new patients, work with so many different people, practice clinical skills on the wards and feeling part of the team! I have already had the opportunity to learn at multiple hospitals, numerous GP practices and a number of community clinics. The early clinical exposure provided at Warwick Medical school is exciting as you get to put theory into practice very quickly! The teaching fellows at the hospitals are also so friendly, accessible and knowledgeable.

Have you been involved in any extracurricular activities during your time here?

Despite how challenging studying Medicine can be, there is certainly time to maintain a well-balanced life. Within university, I have been on the paediatrics society committee since year 1, became a representative for GP society in year 3 and joined a number of other societies that sparked my interest. There is something for everyone! Outside of university, I love playing tennis and practicing yoga.

Do you have any idea at this stage about which specialty you’d like to pursue?

I like the idea of being a generalist so becoming a GP is the likely route I will take. I would like to have a special interest alongside being a GP but I’ll let my foundation years consolidate this decision. You’ll be surprised about how many doctors did not expect to be in the speciality they’re in now!

Do you have any advice for people applying to the MB ChB at Warwick?

You have nothing to lose, only so much to gain. Write down what you have learnt from your work experiences and find out what you really like about Warwick Medical School. Really ask yourself why you want to pursue a career in medicine and your passion will guide you through the interview process.

Finally, what three words would you use to describe your experience studying at Medical School so far?

Rewarding, challenging, eye-opening!