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Warwick Doctor Awards 2020


Dr Nicola McCallion

‘I have never seen her treat anyone with anything other than the upmost respect and goodwill…generally fantastic’

Highly Commended:

Dr Zeinab Ibrahim-Hashi

‘Always smiling, will help you with anything’

Dr Kate Taylor

‘Kind to everyone…has a smile or greeting regardless of how well she knows someone’

Dr Ethan Goh

‘wanted to make sure we all did well…made sure he pushed people in our best interest’

Dr Stephanie Soyombo

‘Always happy, warm and kind’…’A ray of sunshine on the course’

Support with others

Dr Chloe Guy

‘No words are needed’

Highly Commended:

Dr Aisling Barry

‘The epitome of kindfulness, thoughtfulness and consideration’

Dr Jenardan Sellathurai

‘Does the right thing even if inconvenient’


Dr Rory Dilworth

‘Very astute in his assessment of people and situations – however he spends more of his time listening and is always open to new ideas’

Highly Commended:

Dr James Bloomfield

‘Works so hard for others and seeks no acclaim for himself…cares deeply about being a doctor’

Dr Muzlif Mulaffer

‘Wants to always do better and remembers his roots’

Innovation and Creativity

Dr Jack Mowatt

‘A great colleague to work with… not just because he’s good fun, but also for his enthusiasm and courage to lead…’

Highly Commended:

Dr Rebecca Folger

‘Great at creative teaching!’

Dr Dean Skutela

‘Creative learner, created and published new reflective model’


Joint winners

Dr Gabrielle Harrison

‘The embodiment of professional and personal integrity’

 Dr Tom Dixon

‘A strong advocate for patient, and he is not afraid to…confront unethical behaviour....Tom is a leader, everyone looks up to him’

Highly Commended

Dr Thomas Long

‘Always happy to go the extra mile’…’always helpful and encouraging to students’