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Leadership fellows

Leadership Fellowship Programme

What is the leadership programme?

In 2019, Warwick Medical School became the first UK medical school to have its curriculum accredited by the Faculty for Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM).

To further develop our students’ leadership skills, in 2020 a collaborative team of staff and students developed a new ‘Leadership Fellowship’ scheme, providing a programme of additional training, mentoring and shadowing opportunities. The aim of the programme is to create confident and competent leaders using interactive teaching, group discussion and reflection.

Why do we need it?

The need for an effective medical student leadership curriculum has been highlighted by several governing bodies such as the UK General Medical Council, The King’s Fund and the NHS Leadership Academy. Doctors with effective leadership skills can make a huge positive impact on the quality of NHS care.

How is it structured?

The programme consists of 4 group-based live teaching and discussion sessions spread over 5 months. This programme is supported by self-study materials, a personal development plan and portfolio, and peer mentoring. Participants are also assigned to a senior clinician mentor with experience in leadership and project management to provide supervision and shadowing opportunities.

Meet the team who are passionately developing the Medical Leaders of the future:

Mohammed is a final year student and co-chair of the BME network: this group has shown enormous leadership in helping our medical school respond to the Black Lives Matter movement and challenge racism in our curriculum.

Charlotte is a second-year student who in her previous degree developed and ran innovative leadership programmes for her fellow students

Julia is a second-year student with extensive past experience as a project manager for large multi-national corporations. She brings excellent organisational skills and expertise to our project.

Anne-Marie is a psychiatrist and academic lead for Personal & Professional Development at Warwick. She is providing supervision and support for the fellowship project.