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How did we get started?

Our Student Newsletters were established to support students across different years and clinical settings stay together as a community. They came into their own during the time of pandemic where staff and students posted Bios, took part in competitions and shared insightful poetry as a response to BLM. The collective result was a true partnership of students working together to promote equality and to gain a sense of Community at Warwick.

Meet our Editorial Committee:
Photo of Emily Roisin Reid, Director of Student Experience


As Director of Student Experience, I know just how hard our students work and the amazing stuff they are involved in. The newsletters are one way we can keep together as a community and share in each other’s successes, passions and interests. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with such an amazing committee of editors.


It’s great to be able to contribute to the newsletter and to be able to share thoughts with our students through it. I am particularly interested in equality, diversity, and inclusion, and my ‘Inclusivity Insights’ column has been a key way of raising topics among students and staff pertaining to EDI that are traditionally underrepresented, especially within the medical curriculum. My hope is that regular discussions of these topics will change the culture of the medical career.