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Why study medicine at Warwick?


Largest graduate-entry course

We're home to the UK's largest graduate-entry course, meaning you'll be with plenty of like-minded people who have all been through the university experience before.


"We're all in the same boat and have all taken the decision to go back to university, despite the sacrifices that entails. We're here because we're passionate about becoming doctors, and that makes studying all the more enjoyable." - Chloe

Accelerated learning

Our accelerated course is a challenging but very rewarding programme, meaning that if you're prepared to work hard you can become a doctor in just four years, compared to the normal five.


"It’s very busy and I do feel challenged – but in a good way! There’s a good stepwise progression between each year of the course, ensuring you develop your academic knowledge, confidence and responsibilities." – Madhu

Early patient contact

Students get out into the community from the very first term of year one, followed by clinical and community placements in term 2 where you can practise history taking and examination skills.


"The biggest thing that drew me to Warwick was the fact that we have some clinical exposure from the first year, which a lot of other courses don’t offer until further into the degree." - Farhana

Cutting-edge anatomy training

We offer high-quality anatomy training with state-of-the-art plastinations and highly skilled lecturers. WMS is the first medical school in the UK to have a complete collection of plastinated prosections and cross sections for anatomy teaching directly from Gunther von Hagens’ Plastinarium in Germany.


"Our first year anatomy sessions were taught to an incredibly high standard, despite it being a particularly hard subject to teach." - Greg

Diverse intake

As well as having students who have progressed to Medicine straight from their undergraduate degree, many of our students come to us having spent years working as professionals in a wide range of careers, bringing a fantastic wealth of experience to lessons and discussions. We're one of only a few medical schools to accept students who have no background in science.


"In my year alone I'm surrounded by people who gave up fantastic, well-established careers in everything from the finance industry or clinical research to music and teaching because they wanted to study medicine." - James

Teaching excellence

Our staff on the MB ChB, both here at Warwick Medical School and out in our partner hospitals and GP practices, are highly qualified and committed to teaching, with a passion for excellent student development. You can find out more about some of our teaching staff here.


“The academic and clinical staff are wonderfully supportive and a real inspiration.” Chloe

Case-Based Learning

Case-Based Learning (CBL) is at the core of our MB ChB curriculum and is integrated across all four years. It's a learner-centred method, with students learning about a particular topic individually and in lectures before working through a related case together as a group.


"My CBL group are amazing and every week we work through a new case together. I feel like I learn so much, as we direct our own learning and have time and space to ask questions and make mistakes in a safe, supportive environment."
- Amy

Peer support

Peer support is an important aspect of life at Warwick Medical School. We run a buddy scheme, and students in higher years get involved in teaching those in lower years. In addition, there are a wide range of societies and sports clubs available for students to socialise outside of the course.


"There's always something going on for you to get involved in! I've been involved in teaching for the lower years, such as the Peer Support scheme and putting on a weekly seminar on any difficult topics that tend to come up." - Naomi

Self-directed learning

Our course places emphasis on self-directed learning. You can choose to study and learn in the ways you feel will be most beneficial to you, while at the same time having access to a great deal of support and guidance from staff at both WMS and our partner organisations.


"I like the level of independence we have with our learning. We have to take responsibility for our own learning and therefore we have a lot of control over how we learn and what experiences we get. This is a huge positive for me." - Maurice


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