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Mastering Physics Registration

MasteringPhysics is an online self-tutoring and homework system providing a library of conceptual tutorials and multi-step tests that deliver immediate and individualized guidance to each student based on their wrong answers and difficulties. Physics and Maths-Physics students should do the tests for credit which counts towards PX146: Key Skills for Physicists or PX129 Tutorial. Attempting these tests is much the best way to tell whether you have understood the material from lectures. Students on other programmes do not have to do these online tests, and we do not arrange registration for them.

For Physics and Maths-Physics students only: registration for MasteringPhysics will be held during the first week of term 1. You will be allocated a personal access code with which you will create an account. Please note that your access code is non-transferable: you cannot use someone else's and should not give yours to anyone else. The access codes have 30 characters, arranged as 6 groups of 5. You will also need a Course ID, which is MPWARWICK15, and you should have your University ID number handy (it is the 7-digit code on your library card).

Step-by-step instructions will be given in the in-class sessions.

On completion of the registration you will be able to undertake the online tests. The first one is just to help you get to know the system, and is not assessed. The remaining ones will count.