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The following guidelines reflect what the Department believes is good teaching practice. They are only guidelines and we would expect the amount of material issued on handouts to vary with the style of the lecturer and the nature of the module.

  • A syllabus should be issued at the start of every module and should coincide with the syllabus published as part of the Department's course handbooks on the Web. It should also contain a statement of the aims and objectives and explain any special arrangements made for the module. (These might include arrangements for examples classes or access to additional material on the Web.)
  • Copies of complicated diagrams or equations should normally be issued, where copying down the figures and equations in long-hand would lead to a significant risk of errors in students' notes.
  • Preprepared notes treating additional, largely non-examinable, material can be helpful to students. For example, these additional notes might explore longer or more complete derivations than can be treated in lectures or provide background reading. Such notes should not, however, be used to extend the amount of material beyond what can normally be taught during lectures.