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Use of Computers

The University currently has a flexible policy regarding the availability of computing facilities. IT Services provide access to a large number of networked PC's and Unix workstations supporting a wide range of applications, and providing access to the Internet. All students may obtain user codes for these machines via a simple self registration system. All physics based students will need to become familiar with these facilities and instruction will be provided at the appropriate time.

Misuse of the computing facilities is considered by the University to be a 'Major Offence' about which disciplinary action can be (and has been) taken. Misuse includes, for example, the following activities:

  • Usercode/password trapping.
  • Unauthorised access to other users' files.
  • Unauthorised access to system files.
  • Unauthorised writing of programs detrimental to, or disruptive of the computing system.
  • Breach of the University's Data Protection Registration.
  • Any attempt to commit the above breaches of security, even if unsuccessful.
  • Any illegal activity.

The University now has specific regulations concerning the use of its computing facilities and these can be consulted in the relevant section of the Calendar.