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Late Submission of Work

During your time at Warwick you will be required to submit assessed work for credit, e.g. essays and laboratory reports. Each of these pieces of work will have a deadline and it is important that your work is submitted by this deadline (organising yourself to meet deadlines is one of the transferable skills which we hope you will develop during your undergraduate career). It is a University rule that, where assessed work worth more than 2 CATS is submitted late, credit is reduced by 5% of the original total credit available for each day or part of a day by which it exceeds the deadline. For minor pieces of work (less than 2 CATS) more stringent rules are applicable and in the Physics Department such work submitted late without prior approval may have its credit reduced to zero.

Allowance can be made when work is missed or submitted late because of illness, provided that a medical certificate has been submitted to the staff member responsible.