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Progress & Assessment


Marks for this year contribute 60% towards the final BSc classification and 30% to the MMathPhys one.

Assessed Coursework

The lecture modules PX384 Electrodynamics and PX392 Quantum Physics of Atoms have a 15% coursework element. Some Mathematics lecture modules have assessed components. Most of the modules given by outside departments are assessed by a combination of assessed components, e.g. essays, and examination, as indicated in their syllabuses.


The probable organisation of the formal examinations set by the Physics Department is given below (you will be notified of any changes). For a 7.5 CATS module, you are required to answer two questions (out of three) in 1.5 hours (note this is longer per question than in the first two years). For 15 CATS modules, you are required to answer three questions (out of four) in two hours. For the papers set by the Mathematics Department each module has its own examination paper.

Examinations are held at two points during the year - week 30 (i.e. immediately after the Easter vacation and in May/June. In addition to the Physics papers 1 and 5 identified below, you should note that first term Mathematics modules are normally examined in week 30.

The proposal is that the physics papers be scheduled as follows:

Week 30

  • PX3820 Quantum Physics of Atoms
  • PX3850 Condensed Matter Physics

Weeks 33 to 36

  • PX308X
    • A - PX308 Physics in Medicine
    • B - PX350 The Weather and the Environment
  • PX3660 Statistical Physics
  • PX3700 Optoelectronics and Laser Physics
  • PX384X
    • A - PX384 Electrodynamics
    • B - PX392 Plasma Electrodynamics
  • PX3870 Astrophysics
  • PX3880 Magnetic Resonance
  • PX3910 Nonlinearity, Chaos and Complexity
  • PX3950 The Standard Model
  • PX3960 Nuclear Physics
  • PX3970 Galaxies
  • PX3890 Cosmology
  • PX4230 Kinetic Theory

The examination results will be available sometime on Wednesday of the last week of Term 3.