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Course Regulations

The final year of the four year (MMathPhys) degree has a single compulsory component, the Project, with further modules chosen from option lists.

You are required to take the core module. Enough options have to be taken in order to raise the total load to at least 120 CATS credits. You should choose modules totalling at least 45 CATS credits from the list of optional modules including at least 15 CATS credits from List A and at least 15 credits from List B. Over your third and fourth years combined, you must take at least 120 CATS credits derived from level 4 modules (those with a MA4** or PX4** code). Subject to the approval of the Chair of the Department of Physics, external options, may also be taken. The maximum is 150 CATS credits.

Core Module Weeks CATS Credit
PX402 Physics Project 1-10, 15-24 45
Option List A    
MA390 Topics in Mathematical Biology 1-10 15
MA3G8 Functional Analysis II: Linear Analysis 15-24 15
MA424 Dynamical Systems 1-10 15
MA433 Fourier Analysis 1-10 15
MA4A7 Quantum Mechanics: Basic Principles and Probabilistic Methods 15-24 15
MA4L2 Statistical Mechanics 15-24 15
MA4L4 Mathematical Acoustics 1-10 15
Lecture module in Lists A or C of fourth year of the Maths course not already taken in year 3   15
Option List B    
PX408 Relativistic Quantum Mechanics 1-5 7.5
PX420 Solar Magnetohydrodynamics 6-10 7.5
PX425 High Performance Computing in Physics 1-10 7.5
PX430 Gauge Theories for Particle Physics 6-10 7.5
PX431 Structure and Dynamics of Solids 15-24 15
PX435 Neutrino Physics 6-10 7.5
PX436 General Relativity 1-10 15
PX438 Physics of Fusion Power 15-19 7.5
PX443 Planets, Exoplanets and Life 15-24 15
PX444 The Distant Universe 1-5 7.5
PX445 Advanced Particle Physics 15-24 15
PX446 Condensed Matter Physics II 1-10 15
PX447 Quantum Computation and Simulation 15-24 15

Level 4 Requirement

Please note the requirement to take at least 120 CATS of level 4 modules (those with MA4** or PX4** codes). You have already taken at least 22.5 CATS credits (Maths/Phys Laboratory 15 and Kinetic Theory 7.5).

Third Year Physics Modules

Where the timetable permits this, you may take physics modules from the third year you have not already taken.


Where options are taken, so that the load exceeds the normal load, the marks for all modules attempted will appear on your University transcript. The overall year mark will be calculated as the arithmetic mean of the subset of whole modules, weighted according to their credit weighting, which satisfies the course regulations and results in the highest mark.

Unusual and Outside Options

There are no outside options listed in the course regulations. However, certain outside options may be taken with the approval of the Director of Studies. If you wish to take an unusual option you should consult our document on unusual options prior to taking any such modules.

Please note that Maths/Physics students are NOT permitted to take PX440 Mathematical Methods for Physicists III, which covers material met in MA231 Vector Analysis and MA209 Variational Principles. They may also NOT take PX391 Nonlinearity Chaos and Complexity, which contains material covered in differential equations modules taught by the Mathematics Department.

In choosing your options you may wish to note that Mathematics options taught in term 1 are usually examined in the first week of term 3.

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