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Personal Tutor

Your personal tutor, who is a member of academic staff, is responsible for guiding and supporting your studies. If you want advice, you should approach your personal tutor in the first instance.

Your tutor can also give pastoral guidance and support. In the case of serious personal worries tutors are encouraged to direct you to Student Wellbeing Support Services.

Your tutor sees you at weekly tutorials in terms 1 and 2 of years 1 and 2 and in the first half of term 3 in year 1. These tutorials are designed

  1. To help you with general questions about your studies, including your choice of options, approach to examinations and possible course changes.
  2. To help you with the core modules. They also mark your attempts at the questions on the worksheets associated with PX129 & PX276 (Maths/Physics students) and PX146 & PX275 (Physics students).
  3. To support your studies generally. Where appropriate this may involve
    • Working through conceptual problems associated with the modules
    • Looking at the wider relevance of particular material in the modules and explaining where it fits in with other parts of the degree course
    • Giving you practice at oral communication
    • Asking you to work through past examination questions and helping you to revise and to prepare for examinations

After year 2, your personal tutor should arrange to see you twice a term (usually in the first and final weeks) to discuss your progress. However, you should feel free to approach your tutor at any time if you have a particular questions you want to discuss.

In the third and fourth years students should be learning independently from lectures. Small group academic support switches to the non-lectured modules: PX376 Communicating Science, PX319/PX402 Physics Project, PX428/PX442 Physics Laboratory, PX424 Group Project.

You should note that your project supervisor has an important role when it comes to providing references/testimonials to potential employers. BSc Maths/Physics students should bear this in mind when deciding whether to do a final year project.