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Additional information for Professional Services staff

Further information for professional services staff

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Leadership and Management Development - training provision for all staff

Term dates- dates for the next few years

Hybrid working

Physics follows the University's hybrid working guidance where roles allow hybrid working and once probation has been completed. There may be times when working from home is not possible due to requirements to attend in-person meetings/events, to support departmental activities which can only take place in person, to staff offices and to cover for staff absences.

Time Off for Medical Appointments

  • Reasonable time off with pay will be allowed for hospital, doctor and dentist appointments or for emergency medical or dental treatment and such appointments will not be counted as sickness absence. The relevant manager may ask to see evidence of the appointment(s).
  • Employees are expected to make every effort to ensure that routine appointments are made before or after the working day. Where this is not possible, it is expected that appointments will be arranged to minimise disruption to their work. Therefore, appointments should be made at the beginning or end of the normal working day, i.e. within the first or last working hour.
  • The University acknowledges that some health condition(s) may require on-going treatment and time off from work to attend medical appointments, which will be accommodated wherever possible. Employees should discuss their need to attend medical appointments with the relevant manager as early as possible. If the manager has a concern about the frequency of time off requested by an employee to attend medical appointments, evidence of appointments, or equivalent, may be required.

Time Off in Lieu (TOIL)

The department is well aware that in most instances the fact that you are claiming TOIL is because you have kindly volunteered to give up your evening or time at the weekend to help at a departmental or university event. This is always very much appreciated which is why we recognise it by giving you the time back rather than simply thanking you for volunteering.

  • Extra time worked will be given back hour for hour irrespective of what day or time the extra hours are worked.
  • You should have approval from your line manager before any extra hours are worked which you intend to claim back as TOIL.
  • When you book the TOIL as leave via your line manager and physicsadmin, please make sure you reference the date when you accrued the TOIL.
  • There may be (rare) occasions where paying overtime may be more appropriate instead, noting only staff at grades 1-5 can be paid overtime.