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Health and Safety - Fire Procedure


All university buildings are equipped with autoamtic fire detection systems. Red break glass call points are located adjacent to fire exits and on stairwells. The fire/emergency alarms are continuous sounders. Make your way to the outside of the building by following the fire exit signs. There are staircases at each end of both Physics and MAS and an exit indicated off the concourse on level 3. There are two staircases in the Physical Sciences building. Buildings have security locks which are automatically released in the event of an alarm being sounded.

The assembly point for the Physics and MAS buildings is car park 10A.

The assembly point for the Physical Sciences building is car park 9.

The assembly point for Millburn House is the car park next to Millburn Hill Road.

Please make your way well away from the buildings and keep roadways clear to allow access for emergency vehicles.

Please familiarise yourself with the layout, exits and fire assembly points of the buildings you use.

Fire Wardens will assist in ensuring that everyone has left the building. They will be wearing high visibility jackets. Please cooperate with any instruction given by fire wardens.

Current Fire Wardens:
Steve York- MAS ground floor
David Walker- MAS 3rd floor
Dave Hammond- MAS 3rd floor
Tom Hase- MAS 4th Floor
Robb Johnston- Physics ground floor
Lance Fawcett- Physics ground floor
Jeanette Chattaway- Physics ground floor
Ayesha Rahman- Physics 5th floor
John Horsler- Physics 5th floor
Katherine Branch- Physics 5th floor
Andy Howes- Millburn House
David Quigley- Physical Sciences 1st floor
Steph Greis- Physical Sciences

Fire doors

These are mainly doors leading onto stairwells and into laboratories. Do not obstruct or stand in the way of these doors. If you see an obstruction please report it, or move it if possible. Some fire doors are held open by magnetic restrainers; these close automatically when the fire alarms are activated.

Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are placed at strategic positions throughout the buildings; however, they should only to be used by people trained to use them. If you see a fire - raise the alarm and operate a call point.

Visitors and Teaching

Regardless of whether you are a fire warden, if you are hosting visitors or holding a teaching session, you are responsible for the people under your control to ensure you all leave the building promptly by the nearest escape route and go the nearest assembly area.