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Health and Safety

Information and training for specific hazards.
Risk Assessment
Forms and guidance for risk assessments.
Health and safety committee and policies.
All students and staff are responsible to one another for their personal safety and for the safety of the others. While working in the Department you must be made aware of our Health and Safety rules, procedures and guidance which have been produced for our laboratories, work areas and offices.

The University document on Leadership and Management of H&S sets out the responsibilities that each person within the organisation has for maintaining the safety of the workplace.

There is nothing so important that it cannot be done safely!

General Enquiries:
Issues, Advice or Guidance: University Health and Safety Dept. contact, Julie Brannon, x75873 or 07824 541196.
Departmental Advice or Guidance: Health and Safety Officer, John Horsler, x73444.
Health and Safety Committee: Chair, Tom Hase, x73885.

In case of an emergency contact security on:
x22222 on landline or
024765 22222 on mobile.
Accidents, Incidents and Near Misses
Fill out the report form.