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Health and Safety - Laser Rules

  1. Before commencing work with any class 3B or 4 laser, all new staff, postgraduate and project students must register with the DLO (Departmental Laser Officer). After seeing the safety video 'Laser Safety in Higher Education' you will be asked to sign the statement of intent with respect to the safe operation of such lasers. Basic training in the use of the lasers will be provided either by your supervisor or the DLO.
  2. You may operate a high power laser in a LDA (Laser Designated Area) only after informing any other person present in the lab of your intention to do so and offering them one of the following options:
    1. suitable eye protection,
    2. the use of a suitably screened area within the LDA or
    3. the opportunity to leave the laboratory.
  3. Safety interlocks fitted to doors must not be overridden. Doors which are not fitted with interlocks must be securely locked before lasers are put into operation.
  4. Newly purchased, manufactured or modified optical equipment used with lasers must be of a robust nature and arranged well below eye level on a suitable optical table, enclosing beam paths as far as practicable consistent with being able to carry out adjustments.
  5. The use of all class 3B and 4 lasers must be covered by a risk assessment. All users should be familiar with the requirements of the risk assessment.
  6. Written procedures must be prepared for all open beam work, including alignment.
  7. All new lasers of any class must be entered into theUniversity laser register. Lasers which fall into class 3B or above may only be operated within an existing or newly established LDA.
  8. Do not view any class of laser through an optical instrument.