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Health and Safety - First Aid

First Aiders for the Physics Department 2021

Physics First Aiders

David Brown Room: PS0.02

Tel: 024 765 73869

Marcus Grant Chemistry/Physics Tel: 024 765 23650
Rosalind Johnstone Room P5.85 Tel: 024 765 23966
Sarah Parkin Room P5.57 Tel: 024 765 23353
Ayesha Rahman Room P5.66 Tel: 024 761 51380
Sharon Sandhu Room P5.58 Tel: 024 761 51773
Jenny Spiga Room MAS 3.09 Tel: N/A
Ryan Williams Room: P1.34 Tel: 024 765 23409

Emergency First Aiders

Sue Burrows Room:P230 Tel: 024 765 74116
Claire Hurley Room: MAS 2.07 Tel: 024 765 24603

All Campus Security Officers are fully trained First Aiders

In the event of an emergency, assistance can be obtained at all times by calling extension 22222 from an internal phone.


Procedure for Reporting Accidents and Incidents

Details of ALL accidents MUST be reported to a first aider. The first aider will complete an accident form to describe the accident and to note any time lost. This is to ensure that we are recording and monitoring accidents as they arise. Incidents and “near misses” must also be reported to the H&S office, and to your immediate supervisor. The incident will be recorded and logged by H&S office, and any necessary measures to prevent repetition will be put in place.