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Poster Printing

The Physics department has a poster printer which can be found in P1.69 (opposite the main lift on the ground floor of the Physics building). There is an entry code for the door which you will need to obtain from the departmental office (P5.66).

Please follow the below instructions for using the printer.

  • Save your poster as a PDF (the printer is also compatible with Powerpoint and Publisher but PDF is recommended)
  • Upload your poster to a portable memory device (such as a memory stick)
  • In the log book provided, write the date, your name, department, poster size, and a cost code
    • Printing is charged at £30 for an A0 poster or £15 for A1
  • Open your poster in Adobe Reader (or Powerpoint/Publisher as appropriate) on the PC provided
  • In the print menu, select A1 or A0 depending on your preference
    • Even if printing A1, make sure the A0 printer is selected and then change the size to A1 under "properties"
  • If the printer appears to be off or in standby mode, press the on button before telling it to print
  • Click print
  • Wait for your poster to print and dry. Depending on the size and complexity of your poster this can take 5-10 minutes in total
  • Take your poster to the guillotine to trim the edges to your desired level
  • Make sure to put the off-cuts in the recycling bin provided
  • If the printer is displaying low levels of paper or ink, or any other warning message, please report this to Duncan in Stores.