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Professor Dame Clare Grey Visit

On Wednesday 17 January, Professor Dame Clare Grey hosted a guest lecture titled ‘Towards a Net Zero World: Developing and applying new tools to understand how batteries function and fail.’

Over 150 from across the University attended and had the opportunity to network after the lecture. Her research interests include the use of solid-state NMR and diffraction-based methods to determine structure-function relationships in materials for energy storage (batteries and supercapacitors) and conversion (fuel cells).


Clare was awarded an honorary award from the University on Thursday 18th January during a graduation ceremony with our Physics students and staff, and is pictured here with staff from the department and the Vice-Chancellor.

Left to right Dr Wing Ying Chow, Professor Steven Brown, Dr Michael Hope, Professor Dame Clare Grey, Professor Ray Dupree, Professor Mark Newton (Head of Department), Professor Stuart Croft (Vice Chancellor)