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Dr Peng Wang named in the 2023 Highly Cited Researcher List

Dr Peng Wang (Microscopy group) has been named as a Highly Cited Researcher in the Clarivate's 2023 list.Link opens in a new window The researchers are those whose publications are most often cited in academic journals that rank in the top 1% by citations for field and year.

Mon 20 Nov 2023, 09:05 | Tags: announcements, Staff and Department, Awards, Faculty of Science

First female winner of the 2024 IRMMW-THz Society Exceptional Service Award

Professor Emma MacPherson has been announced as the first female winner of the 2024 IRMMW-THz Society Exceptional Service Award.

Encyclopedia of Condensed Matter Physics, 2nd edition, published - with Ana Sanchez and Rudo Roemer among the section editors

Encyclopedia of Condensed Matter PhysicsLink opens in a new window, Second Edition, Five Volume Set, with Warwick Profs Ana Sanchez and Rudo Roemer among the six section editors, is an authoritative and comprehensive expansion of the classic 2005 work, delivering over 300 brand new or fully updated articles focused on core theoretical discoveries and modern applications.

Meticulously planned and structured into approximately 60 sections, the book allows the user to quickly gain a solid footing in the key theoretical aspects of quantum mechanics, mechanics, electrodynamics, relativity, statistical mechanics and the elementary particles that form the core physics background for the field. The work also presents useful coverage of experimental techniques, materials processing, and materials systems, as well as applied topics.

Novel topics, including topology in condensed matter, graphene, integer and fractional quantum Hall effect, and other nanoscale phenomena in optics, in semiconductors, and in superconductors are presented in unusual depth. The encyclopedia solves the problem that students and interdisciplinary researchers often have of finding clear, accessible foundational information to answer their initial questions on a topic.

Fri 20 Oct 2023, 15:58 | Tags: Staff and Department

Dr Farzana Meru appointed as a member of the University Gender Taskforce

Dr Farzana Meru has recently been appointed as a member of the University Gender Taskforce.

Farzana was invited by the Gender Taskforce (GTF) to become a member due to her knowledge and expertise on gender related issues.

The Gender Taskforce champions and oversees the advancement, implementation, and further development of gender equality at institutional level in line with the Gender Statement of Intent catalysed by the Women in Academia workshops and reports to the university social inclusion committee.

Farzana tells us about why she accepted the invitation to become a member:

“I have always been interested in gender issues within Physics and STEM. I have also personally experienced (negative) gender related issues as a female Physicist and have mentored others through their challenges too. I am keen to use my experience that I have gained – both lived and through operational activities that I have been part of – to enable positive gender-related initiatives at the university’s strategic level.”

Tue 19 Sep 2023, 09:22 | Tags: announcements, Staff and Department, Faculty of Science

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