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Call for Systems Biology DTC mini-talks

We will soon launch the call for mini-project proposals for the Systems Biology MSc students. There are 19 students this year and each student carries out one experimental biology project and one "dry" project. The mini-projects are 12 weeks long, with the first one running from 21st March 2009 - 10th June 2010 and the second one from 13th June - 9th September 2010. Ahead of this call, we are announcing the opportunity to give a short talk to the students to introduce your research area.

These "mini-talks" enable students and potential supervisors to get to know each other and are your chance to introduce yourself to the students and to present your research area. Mini-talks are informal 10-minute talks followed by questions and we have time for up to three speakers per week. It doesn't matter if you don't have precise mini-projects planned, the main point is to alert the students to you and to your research interests. We are also encouraging the students to talk to researchers whose topic they are interested in about developing mini-project proposals together.

If you would like to give a mini-talk, just enter your name on this page:

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