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"Observation of quasi-periodic propagating wave train in the solar corona", Giuseppe Nistico

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Location: PS1.28

Quasi-periodic fast-magnetoacoustic wave trains are observed in EUV wavebands propagating away from an active region after a flare/CME event with SDO/AIA.
We measured the main parameters of the wave-trains in relationship to the local coronal environment and the energy sources and found phase speed of the disturbances of about 1000 km/s,and periods ranging between 1-2 min, We compare our observations with a numerical simulation of fast MHD waves undergoing dispersive evolution and
leakage in a coronal loop embedded in a potential magnetic field. Transverse structuring in the corona can efficiently generate high quality quasi-periodic propagating
fast wave trains and account for the properties of observed oscillations.

Tags: CFSA Seminar

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