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Jacopo Bertolotti, Exeter


Imaging Through Scattering Media

Non-invasive imaging requires the ability to form sharp pictures even when an opaque material act as a screen between the object and the detector. Light scattering scrambles the spatial information of the object, thereby blurring the picture and making imaging impossible. The typical distance that light can traverse in a turbid medium before its direction is scrambled varies from tens of meters in fog, to a fraction of a millimeters in skin, to microns in paint. We have recently demonstrated "speckle scanning microscopy", a reference-free imaging method that can obtain an image of a fluorescent object behind a thin layer that scatters all incident light. I will discuss the working principles of this method, its experimental implementation and how it compares with other approaches to imaging in disordered media, like Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Diffuse Tomography.

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