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David Burgess (Queen Mary): Structure, cascades and structures in simulations of plasma turbulence

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Location: PS128

Natural collisionless plasmas, such as the solar wind, can be characterized in terms of their

turbulence properties, which are often taken from a framework focused on universal properties,

such as power spectra with power law slopes. Kinetic simulations remind us that turbulence in

collisionless plasma has a complex network of processes involving particle energization and

magnetic field topology, such as magnetic reconnection, kinetic instabilities and wave-particle

interactions, as well as nonlinear wave-wave processes. We present results from kinetic

plasma simulations that illustrate various aspects of this complex system, concentrating on

the role of plasma structures. We discuss two different kinds of system: the relaxation of an

ordered system of multiple current sheets towards turbulent-like behaviour; and the formation

of electron scale coherent structures within plasma turbulence.

Tags: CFSA Seminar

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