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Robbie Scott (STFC, Central Laser Facility): Shock ignition laser inertial fusion

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Abstract: This talk will outline an ongoing collaborative project performing experiments, simulations and code developments of direct relevance to the Shock Ignition approach to laser inertial fusion. Our project combines planar and implosion based experiments, up to ignition-scale, performed on Omega, Omega EP, and the National Ignition Facility (NIF), with extensive code developments to the UK’s radiation-hydrodynamics code, Odin. As well as further developing our understanding of the physics relevant to direct drive and shock ignition at ignition-scale, we aim to significantly improve our predictive simulation capabilities by including self-consistent, reduced models of Laser Plasma Interaction Instabilities (LPIs) and hot-electrons into our simulation code, creating cutting-edge simulation tools which, crucially, will be extensively benchmarked at ignition-scale. The end-goal of this work is to develop robust, energetically efficient, laser-fusion ignition designs using simulation codes comprehensively benchmarked at ‘ignition-scale’. This will enable future laser-fusion experiments and facilities to be designed with a degree of confidence that was previously not possible.

Tags: CFSA Seminar

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