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Jack Bradshaw & Katie Kosak (CFSA)

Location: PS128

Katie Kosak: Standing Slow Magnetoacoustic Oscillations in Solar Coronal Loops

Abstract: SUMER oscillations are detected in hot coronal loops as longitudinal oscillations that are characterized by their strong damping mechanism (damped after a few cycles of oscillation). A statistical review of past observations is performed to investigate the relationship between the temperature and the apparent amplitude, decay time and period of oscillation. The thin flux tube approximation is used to explore the role of the radiative heating/cooling misbalance and the magnetic field in the theory of SUMER oscillations.

Jack Bradshaw: Fast-ion transport and losses by Compressional Alfvén Waves in fusion plasmas
Abstract: Fast particle driven instabilities in tokamaks are important to study as they can cause the transport of energy and particles which affects plasma self-heating and therefore the efficiency of a fusion device. This study looks at the interaction of a prescribed fast particle population with a particular high-frequency MHD wave through the ion-cyclotron resonance. This is achieved by using a linear stability code to model the wave structure in a given tokamak geometry and then simulating the wave-particle interaction with a test particle population. An overview of the problem, numerical methods and code validation is presented.

Tags: CFSA Seminar

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