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Marco Stangalini (Italian Space Agency): High resolution spectropolarimetry: a powerful technique for the study of MHD waves in the solar atmosphere

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Abstract: Spectropolarimetry has become a mature tool for the analysis of the dynamics of the lower solar atmosphere. Next generation solar instrumentation, characterized by unmatched polarimetric accuracy and sensitivity, will dramatically improve our observational capabilities, extending the use of spectropolarimetric diagnostics down to very small spatial scales (< 100 km) and higher atmospheric heights. 

In this contribution we will show how simultaneous spectropolarimetric observations at multiple heights can reveal important details about the plasma and magnetic field dynamics in the solar atmosphere.

More in detail, we will show the capabilities of tomographic spectropolarimetric imaging in the investigation of MHD waves, by presenting results from recent high resolution state-of-the-art observations of the solar atmosphere. Finally, based on these recent advances in the field, we will outline what to expect from next generation solar instrumentation.

Tags: CFSA Seminar

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