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The provisional schedule for the science meeting on 18th September is as follows:

10.30-11am Coffee

11-12.30pm Session One

11.00-11.20 Elizabeth Stanway - Introduction, Aims and Context
11.20-11.35 Anjali Rao - Evolution and distribution of galactic black hole binaries with Gaia
11.35-11.50 Laura Driessen - MKT J170456.2-482100 - a radio transient binary system with MeerKAT
11.50-12.10 Chiaki Kobayashi - Open Questions in Chemical Evolution
12.10-12.30 Discussion (The impact of binaries on the local Universe)

12.30pm-1.50pm Lunch and General Discussion (in room PS0.17, Physical Sciences building)

1.55-3.40pm Session Two

13.55-14.10 JJ Eldridge - The BPASS and CurvePops Models
14.10-14.25 Ning-Chen Sun - The origins of Type Ibn SNe in interacting binary systems
14.25-14.40 Soheb Mandhai - The rate of short duration gamma-ray bursts in the local universe
14.40-14.55 Rob Eyles - An unusual transient following SGRB 071227
14.55-15.10 Tessa Carver - Multimessenger astronomy - correlating GW with other signals.
15.10-15.30 Discussion (Explosive transients from Binaries)

3.30-4pm Coffee and further discussion

4pm-5pm Session Three

16.00-16.20 Stephen Wilkins - The Impact of Binaries on Star Formation Rate Indicators
16.20-16.40 Fergus Cullen - Rest UV spectroscopy at z>2
16.40-17.00 Malcolm Bremer - The challenging interpretation of UV upturns

5-5.30pm Discussion (Distant Binaries, Challenges and Open Questions)

Practical Workshop on BPASS models (19th September, 10 registered participants)

Workshop will take place in PS0.17. Participants are asked to bring their own laptop, and encouraged to bring problems/examples of what they would like to achieve for the final session.

Provisional schedule:

10.00-11am Technical introduction to BPASS input physics, algorithms and outputs.

11am-11.30 Break

11.30-12.30 Tutorial exercises/practical session for participants

12.30-1.30pm Lunch

1.30-3pm “Hack-day” session working on participants’ own projects/objectives

3.00-3.30pm Feedback, Requests and wrapping things up.