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For Undergraduates Joining Us in Autumn 2023

First, congratulations on your results. We are looking forward to seeing you in the last week in September (Welcome Week).

There is some academic work we want you to do before arriving. The details of this work are available here. Please follow the link appropriate to your course in the rh menu.

In the meantime you should also consult the University's welcome site using the link on the right hand side. There is a lot of information there and if you follow it carefully you will ensure that your arrival at Warwick, and the first few weeks here, run smoothly.

Finally, it is important that you attend the academic induction events held in the department during Welcome week. The sessions are there to explain how things are organised and for you to get to know us and each other.

eVision Module Registration

You may be sent information by the University inviting you to preregister for your modules. There is no need to preregister for any of your modules. You will automatically be registered for all the compulsory modules of your course. We will discuss registration for options once you are here.