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For Incoming Maths/Phys Students

Here are the arrangements for the start of your course.

MA1K2 Refresher Mathematics

You should take the module Refresher Mathematics, which launches 4 weeks before Term 1 begins around 12th September (update added 5th September). This module will provide revision and consolidation of important concepts from A-level mathematics, and give you a taste of what studying mathematics with us will be like. We will let you know when this opens. You will need to have registered with the University and set up your online account first to gain access to this material when access is opened.

Mathematical Techniques

The module on Refresher Mathematics is the most important to look at. If you have more time, there is also an introductory sheet on complex numbers which you might like to read through.

Mathematics at university concentrates more on abstraction and proof and less on the techniques that you met at A-level. However, skill and accuracy in the use of these techniques is essential. Available from the two links in the right margin are some practice questions and answers. It is important that you are familiar and comfortable with this material. The online questions which will be available to you once you have enrolled at the university.

Physics Textbook

The physics course in year 1 will follow closely the textbook University Physics with Modern Physics with Mastering Physics (International Ed.) by HD Young and RA Freedman. This book comes with extensive on-line resources, including assessments. We will be providing you with a copy so please do NOT buy one!

Mathematical Sciences Building


Complex Numbers
Mathematical Techniques
Refresher Mathematics

Online Tests (login reqd)

Course Handbook
Pre-arrival Module