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Organisation charts updated

There have been some recent udpates to the organisation charts of the PSM. The latest versions are now visible on the appropriate research area pages, and are available for download from the PSM Organisation Charts pageLink opens in a new window.

The changes include:

  • The addition of some new work packages to the Exoplanet Science branch, WP11, in the areas of "Data Specific Science" (WP115) and "Interpretation Specific Science" (WP116)
  • A couple of changes in leadership of work packages in the Stellar Science branch, WP12, notably "Determination of Stellar Parameters" (WP125)
  • Multiple updates to the Ground-based Observation Programme (GOP) branch, WP14. The "Strategy and Operations Preparation" area (WP141) has been reorganised, a new work package on "Quality Control" has been added, and there are new work packages for "Reprocessing and Homogenisation" of the different types of observation.