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Royal Astronomical Society Specialist Discussion Meeting

RAS Lecture Theatre, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London

Friday 12 March 2010



Wave and turbulent phenomena are fundamental physical processes that have been shown through remote and in-situ observations to occur ubiquitously in all types of solar-terrestrial plasmas, ranging from the Sun, solar wind, magnetosphere to the ionosphere. They are intricately connected with coronal dynamics and heating, solar wind acceleration and interaction with the Earth's magnetosphere and upper atmosphere. The aim of this meeting is to bring together researchers from the different disciplines to compare theoretical and observational results on waves and turbulence, including shocks. The meeting will provide a forum to share seismological or spectral analysis techniques, and to address interdisciplinary questions such as the solar origin of turbulence in the solar wind and the solar wind drivers of magnetospheric pulsations and ionospheric turbulence. Presentations on applications from planetary and astrophysical research areas are also welcome.

Conveners: Erwin Verwichte, Claire Foullon & Bogdan Hnat (University of Warwick)

Invited speakers

  • Dr Steven Cranmer (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Boston, USA)
  • Prof Roberto Bruno (Institute of Physics of Interplanetary Space, Rome, Italy)
  • Prof Tim Yeoman (University of Leicester, UK)

Full Scientific Program (PDF Document)

Oral Program

09:15 Registration

Morning Session 1, Chair: E. Verwichte (Warwick)

  • 09:30 S. Cranmer (CfA Harvard): Turbulent origins of the Sun's hot corona and the solar wind (PDF Document)
  • 10:00 J. McAteer (Trinity Dublin): Turbulence, complexity, and solar flares
  • 10:15 S. Shelyag (Queens Belfast): Simulations and radiative diagnostics of turbulence and wave phenomena in the magnetised solar photosphere (PDF Document)
  • 10:30 M. Marsh (UCLAN): Exploiting the coronal slow mode (PDF Document)
  • 10:45 T. Van Doorsselaere (Warwick): Anatomy of a slow wave in a coronal loop (PDF Document)

11:00 Tea/coffee & Poster session

Morning Session 2, Chair: B. Hnat (Warwick)

  • 11:30 R. Bruno (IFSI-INAF, Rome): Turbulence in the Solar Wind: an Overview (PDF Document)
  • 12:00 R. Wicks (Imperial College): Turbulence as the source of magnetic field anisotropy in the fast solar wind
  • 12:15 E. Camporeale (Queen Mary): PIC simulations: How do kinetic instabilities control the temperature anisotropy in an expanding plasma?
  • 12:30 K. Kiyani (Warwick): Scale-invariance and Anisotropy of small-scale magnetic fluctuations in solar wind turbulence
  • 12:45 J. Podesta (Los Alamos): A kinetic Alfvén wave cascade cannot reach the electron gyro-scale in the solar wind at 1 AU (PDF Document)

13:00 Lunch & Poster session

Afternoon Session, Chair: C. Foullon (Warwick)

  • 14:00 T. Yeoman (Leicester): The Earth's ionosphere as a laboratory for the study of plasma waves
  • 14:30 N. Bian (Glasgow): Parallel electric field generation by Alfvén wave turbulence
  • 14:45 A. Balogh (Imperial College): Assessment of the stationarity of magnetic field fluctuations in the solar wind
  • 15:00 H. Reid (Glasgow): The influence of solar wind density turbulence on solar flare accelerated electron beams
  • 15:15 A. Diaz (Universitat de les Illes Balears): Instability of twisted magnetic tubes with axial mass flows


  • C. Burge (Glasgow): Particle acceleration in the presence of weak turbulence at an X-type neutral point (PDF Document)
  • E. Camporeale (Queen Mary): The dissipation of turbulent fluctuations at electron scales: Particle-in-Cell simulations
  • C. H. K. Chen (Imperial College): Anisotropy of Solar Wind Turbulence in the Dissipation Range (PDF Document)
  • C. Foullon (Warwick): On the Multi-spacecraft Determination of Periodic Surface Wave Phase Speeds and Wavelengths (PDF Document)
  • M. Gruszecki (Warwick): Phenomenon of vortex shedding in solar corona (PDF Document)
  • P. Guio (UCL): Weakly nonlinear ion-sound waves in magnetised plasmas with electron temperature gradients (PDF Document)
  • I. Hannah (Glasgow): The effect of wave-particle interactions and turbulence on solar flare electron transport and X-ray spectrum (PDF Document)
  • E. Leonardis (Warwick): Investigation of universal aspects of evolving MHD turbulence in astrophysical plasmas (PDF Document)
  • S. Sultana (Queen's Belfast): Electrostatic wavepackets in the presence of superthermal (accelerated) electrons: modulational instability and envelope soliton modes (PDF Document)
  • A. Turner (Warwick): Variance anisotropy of small-scale magnetic field fluctuations in solar wind turbulence


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  • Abstracts for Oral Presentations: Closed (Monday 8th February)
  • Abstracts for Poster Presentations: Closed (Monday 22nd February)

Abstract submission

To submit an abstract for an oral or poster contribution to this meeting, please send the following information to Erwin Verwichte ( - Please include 'abstract RAS2010' in the subject of your email.

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